The Award

$5000 split between five people (as determined by our panel of faculty interviewers) who exhibit our values and endeavor to live a balanced life.

Our Values

We seek to cultivate a Sound Mind, Sound Body and a Healthy Spirit — to endlessly strive for balance within ourselves, in our relationships and in our everyday lives. This scholarship encourages and rewards balanced values that are upheld.


It is the rhythm in the dance of a Navajo shaman, the moment when a reaction reaches chemical equilibrium, the connection between Yin and Yang, the beauty in a few lines of great code, the Circle of Life (and it moves us all), the forces in the pure compression structure of the Collier Memorial, and the feeling when you cause the smile of a friend who has been weary or unhappy. It has been at the center of human existence since we first walked this planet and hopefully will be when we walk others. While seemingly simple, it is one of the most elusive concepts to enter the human mind. Whether consciously or not, we all value it in our relationships and everyday lives.

sigep porch

Why we do this:

Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on the idea that we can better ourselves through a constant pursuit of a balanced life. At the MIT chapter of SigEp we believe that through that pursuit of balance and continuous personal development we can improve as people, build healthy relationships, and best fulfill our responsibility as MIT students to seek knowledge, uphold truth and make our world a better place.

It is with this philosophy that our chapter created the Balanced Living Scholarship, which seeks to find those incoming freshmen that best exhibit our values and principles. It is one of the few private scholarships at MIT with a main goal of rewarding a great life philosophy and noble ideals and not merely focusing on academic excellence in a field or credentials in a certain area. Our chapter and Alumni give $5000 to award the top five candidates in our pool of applicants for their excellence and their commitment to balance in their lives.

The application process is not focused on essays — instead, we try to engage our applicants in conversation through a series of interviews. Applicants fill out a short online form after which they are scheduled for a phone interview during the summer with an undergraduate. Those that are called back for a second interview meet with their interviewer in person once they get to campus for Orientation. We select ten finalists who are then interviewed by a panel of alumni, professors and administrators. This panel determines how the $5000 is split up between the top five applicants.

The online form is due by August 13th at 11:59pm the latest. However, interviews start on July 21st, and we recommend filling out the form before this date (or as soon as possible after) to allow for comfortable scheduling.